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Have you ever noticed that all the business documents you receive from others, look great and are well written? Yours could be too, if you don't want me to write your documents, my templates will help you write them yourself.

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Bid proposals

There is nothing worse than receiving a tender document from a potentially large client and thinking, I don’t know how to respond to this, there’s no way they would look at my proposal…..I’ve been there, but if you follow some key steps you can do it easily. When companies issue tender documents they are looking for some key things: do you have the necessary experience to do the work? Do you have the capacity to do the work? Is your price competitive? and finally are you the type of person they want to work with? Business is about relationships and people, almost never buy from people they don’t like! Different companies use different scoring mechanisms and this is the clue to what you write in your document. It’s a bit like an exam, you put more effort into the bits that are going to get you most marks. My how to guide will take you through the process of how to write a good bid proposal. Contact me and I’ll send you a copy.

Policies & procedures

Policies and procedures in most businesses are written once and then forgotten about, but they should be living documents and change as your business changes. Some procedures, health and safety, data protection etc are required by law so you need to be updated as the law changes. How up to date are your policies, are you breaking the law? Health & safety, data protection, business continuity are procedures that every business should have but what other policies do you need? I am happy to do a check for you and let you know if there are any specific legislation that you need to have procedures for. My how to guides will tell you how to create your policy documents, and the templates will help even more. As always, if you need help, let me know.

Project Management

Project documentation not only sets the scope and rules for a project but it can also cover your back if things go wrong. Normally there are several different documents needed to successfully run a project. these include – a feasibility document, an initiation document, risk and issue registers, progress reports, project plan, change management documents and a closing document with lessons learned.

Marketing Plan

If you have a business plan you will have researched your market your competitors and know exactly who your ideal clients are. A marketing plan is a step to step guide on the actions that you will take to attract customers to your business.

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